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The damage we repair on alloy wheels
Include the following:

Scuffed and scraped wheels

Curb damage

Scratches and gauges

Re-colouring to a colour of your choice


Diamond cut wheels

We also supply new alloy wheels
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Tel: 01473 811736
Mobile: 07780 995947
Alloy wheel repairs and refurbishments are carried out in our specialist workshop as we believe that a higher quality end result is achieved
when repairs are carried our in a controlled environment. Should your alloy wheels need to be re-shaped, diamond turned, tyres stripped or
re-balanced all of our specialist equipment is available at a moments notice.
This Mini had the split rim wheels refurbished to rid them of the corrosion and then re-coloured.
The centres are in ‘JC Carbon’ and the outer rims are painted in ‘Sparkle Silver’
We had this Nissan Skyline in for a re-spray, and one of the jobs was to refurbish and re-colour the wheels. After refurbishment we
painted the wheels in ‘Gloss White’ and finished them off by having  GT centre cap designed and made up to match the rest of the car
Diamond cut alloy wheels

We also re-diamond turn diamond cut alloy wheels back to there original condition.
Brake Caliper Painting

Why not have us re-colour your brake calipers in heat resistant brake caliper paint to help enhance the look of your wheels and car.
Don’t be afraid to go for a colour a little different, this is our BMW. We chose this colour as we wanted something different to everyone else.
We decided on a bronze colour with a satin lacquer finish so it had a little sparkle when the light catches the wheels.
We then enhanced the alloy wheels by having the brake calipers painted yellow.
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