AW Interior Repairs specialise in repairing damage to vehicle interiors.

This includes repairing damage to any of the following:

Interior door trims

Dashboard Damage

Seat re-trimming for leather & fabric seats

Fabric & leather seat repairs

Leather Repairs
These pictures above are the before and after of a door 
handle that had been damaged. Once the repairs were 
complete the handle was as good as new.
The pictures above are the before and after of the
holes left once a phone kit had been removed, and
then the damage repaired.
bumperrepairs bradleyscert retrimming
Damage that can be repaired are as follows:


Tow bar damage


Bumper tears

Stone chips

Light impact damage
Trim Repairs
90% of the damage to vehicle interiors can be repaired, including the following:
Phone Holes
Cuts & Tears
Cigarette Burns
Broken Door Panels
Damaged Boot Trims
All these repairs are especially important when selling your car or returning it
to it’s former glory. Don’t loose money on damaged interior trims, yet don’t
spend a fortune on new ones.
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