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Window Tinting

With SunProtect UV+ Window Film

Less heat, less glare, more protection
A modern car is specifically design to keep you and your family
safe and protected in the event of any unforeseen incidents.

But ask yourself, how often has your journey been affected by
bright sunlight?

Discomfort due to heat

Reduced visibility due to glare

Been distracted by distressed children or pets

Affected by driver fatigue on a long journey

Suffered from eyestrain

Fitting SunProtect UV+ automotive window film to your car glass is not just about enhancing the appearance
of your vehicle, there are many significant environmental, health and safety benefits for you and your passengers.
Research shows that a temperature reduction of up to 10% can be achieved by fitting SunProtect UV+ heat
insulating film to your car, it rejects up to 70% of the sun’s energy, significantly cutting down heat gain to
your vehicle.
So with cooler cabin temperatures everyone enjoys a more comfortable ride.
Also with a cooler cabin the air conditioning usage is minimised resulting in less fuel being used.

Tint Shades

There are 6 tint shades available, these are as follows:
UV+05 ULTRA DARK = Total privacy film - aka ‘limo’
UV+15 DARK= Our most popular film, perfect for 4x4s and MPV’s,
       day time privacy and night time visibility - aka ‘Midnight’
UV+20 MID = Very popular film for saloons and hatchbacks
       - aka ‘Dark Smoke’
UV+35 LIGHT = A very understated subtle film improves the look  
       of all cars - aka ‘Medium Smoke’
UV+50 VERY LIGHT = Discrete film with good solar protection
       - aka ‘Light Smoke’
UV+ ULTRA LIGHT = A very light tinted film, provides all the safety
       features of UV block, complies with current legislation for tinting driver & front passenger side window glass.
Why use SunProtect UV+ auto film?

It is made using advanced engineering techniques to the most demanding UK standards.

It is tough, fade resistant and scratch resistant

It can be cleaned with ordinary detergent and water.

It is also the only film that is approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation

Satisfaction Guaranteed
You get a 7 year warranty against peeling, crazing, cracking and de-lamination

Same day fitting
It normally takes only a few hours to fit SunProtect UV+ to a car’s window glass.