We are able to repair damaged and faded headlamps using our specialist headlamp repair equipment. The process comprises of a number of different stages where we have to remove the damage, then re-polish the plastic using the specialist polishes

As you can see in this photo above the headlamp had faded, then repairing it has made it look like brand new. Don’t replace expensive headlamps when we can repair them for you.


Repairing a windscreen has many benefits:


One of our popular services is having rear parking sensors fitted. The kit that we use here at AW Smart Repairs is a universal kit, therefore they can be fitted to most makes and models.

We can colour code them to match the exact colour of your car, this way they blend in with the bumper and are less noticeable.

Prices starting from £228.00 (inc VAT)


We specialise in Paintless Dent Removal or ‘PDR’ and our staff have been highly trained to carry out these repairs. PDR is a specialist way of removing minor dents that have not damaged the paintwork without the need of more ‘in depth’ repairs. Specialist tools are used to remove the dents without leaving a trace that there was any damage there in the first place. A quick, easy, extremely effective and much cheaper solution.

We would prefer to see the dent damage before we proceed to book the repairs in so that we can be sure that the procedure is possible.


We supply and fit tyres from budget to brand so feel free to give us a call for a quotation.

If your car tyres are worn below the legal limit or badly damaged you could receive a three point penalty  for every tyre, that’s 12 points and a £1200 fine!

So we offer a free tyre safety check so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are not breaking the law.

We use the latest  tyre fitting equipment to ensure no damage is caused to your alloys, especially if they have just been refurbished by us.

So pop in and see us for your free tyre safety check because we care about your safety.


A modern car is specifically designed to keep you and your family safe and protected in the event of any unforeseen incidents.

But ask yourself, how often had your journey been affected by bright sunlight.

Fitting SunProtect UV+ automotive window film to your car glass is not just enhancing the appearance of your vehicle, there are many significant environmental, health and safety benefits for you and your passengers. Research shows that a temperature reduction of up to 10% can be ache vied by fitting SunProtect UV heat insulating film to your car, it rejects up to 70% of the suns energy, significantly cutting down heat gain to your vehicle.

So with a cooler cabin temperature everyone enjoys a more comfortable ride. Also with a cooler cabin temperature air conditioning useage is minimised in less fuel being used.

There are 6 tint shades available, please ask for more info.

For all enquiries please give us a call any time as we are always happy to help.

Tel: 01473 811736

Alternatively please email Alex at the email address below:

TEL: 01473 811736

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